Patient Counseling Document

What is the Patient Counseling Document?

The Patient Counseling Document (PCD) on Extended-Release/Long Acting (ER/LA) Opioid Analgesics is a tool unique to this REMS designed to facilitate important discussions with your patients for whom you select an ER/LA opioid analgesic. The PCD should be provided to and reviewed with the patient and/or their caregiver at the time of prescribing. It contains important safety information about the drug products subject to this REMS and includes space for you to write additional information to help your patients use their ER/LA opioid analgesic safely.

How can I obtain copies of the PCD?

Printed copies of the PCD can be ordered either through an on-line order or via fax. Detailed instructions for both methods of ordering printed copies of the PCD can be found in the PCD Order Form, and an electronic version of the Patient Counseling Document (PCD) is also available for download.

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